About Lisa

  • Lisa Jameson, Licensed Marriage and Family TherapistI began my career in psychology in 1981 working in the field of trauma recovery. In the 1980's I developed one of the State of California's first treatment programs for young male victims of sexual abuse. I also coordinated Merced County Mental Health Department's suicide intervention program. I've been in private practice since 1988.

    •      Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#MFC22983)
    •      California State University, Stanislaus Masters in Counseling Psychology
    •      California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
    •      Specialist in male and female sexual assault survivors

    Over my more than thirty years of experience, I have developed a deep appreciation of the capacity of the human psyche to both endure suffering and seek its repair. Early on I discovered a keen interest in depth psychologies and sought out training from consultants in Self Psychology, Ego Psychology and Jungian Analytical Psychology. I worked with these consultants for twelve years. I attended a year-long course at the Jung Institute in San Francisco and have attended courses from the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California. These approaches look at the ways in which suffering takes up a home in the psyche in the form of symptoms. Depth approaches also look at the ways in which the psyche itself points to, and in fact, presses for healing.

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"The story within and beneath the familiar story is almost always full of insight and new possibility. It may take courage to go another level down, to abandon clarity, however illusory, for confusion and puzzlement. Our habitual stories usually protect us from the mystery of our lives. But there is always The opportunity to take our storytelling deeper, always the chance to find the intelligence and comfort we have been seeking at a level far beneath the basement of our expectations." - Thomas Moore, Original Self
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